Park Gym Equipment

The park gym is built to provide a healthy environment for the occupants where they can do some outdoor activities during their leisure time. This park gym is a great stress reliever after a hectic day in factory or office.

Bi-monthly Fogging Control

At i-Stay we make sure our environment is free from mosquitoes that cause serious health problem like dengue fever. Fogging is conducted twice a month to ensure the compound are safe and comfortable for the occupants to stay.

Daily Compound Cleaning

The compound and dormitories of i-Stay is cleaned daily to make sure the cleanliness is maintained at its highest level. A clean environment is very essential for a better quality of living of the occupants.

Recreational Park

Recreational Park is a great place for stress relief after a hectic day at work. The nature and surrounding contributes to the peace of mind of the workers. They can have a walk around the park and get fresh air for improved wellbeing.

More Services & Facilities

  • Monthly dormitory unit cleanliness audit (Ensure of cleaner living environment)
  • Bi-monthly fogging control activity carried out internally
  • Monthly pest control for snake and cockroaches
  • Daily compound cleaning by maintenance team
  • Park Gym equipment
  • Designated smoking zone
  • General knowledge sharing to educate tenants
  • Filter drunk tenants by providing test using Breathalyzer
  • With monthly food price & quality audit
  • Well maintained green environment
  • Cashless system for most of the merchant


In dormitory management and providing a worry-free environment.


Under Our Care

Our occupants needs are of our utmost priority and we ensure the best environment to live in.


Trust Us

Companies all over Iskandar entrust to us their workers to provide them adequate living circumstances.

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